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Top things to see in the Tower

1.Crown Jewels

As I said in an earlier post, the Crown Jewels at the Tower are magnificent. No photos could ever do them justice, they have to be seen in situ.

 The tradition of coronation in England is well over 1000 years old, but the Crown Jewels at the Tower are more recent. Almost everything in the Jewel House was made after 1660 – the earlier crowns, orbs and sceptres had been destroyed following the abolition of the monarchy in 1649.


2.The Ravens

Legend says that  if the six resident ravens ever leave,the kingdom and the Tower will fall. 

It was Charles II who first insisted that the ravens of the Tower shoravensuld be protected. His astronomer, John Flamsteed, complained that the ravens impeded the business of his observatory in the White Tower. Despite their having one wing trimmed, some ravens do in fact go absent without leave and others have had to be sacked. Raven George was dismissed for eating television aerials, and Raven Grog was last seen outside an East End pub.

3.The White Tower

 One of the most famous castle keeps in the world, The White Tower  was built to subdue and terrify Londoners and to deter foreign invaders. It’s an iconic symbol of London and Britain.tol-iconic-white-tower-1

Along with the rest of the Tower complex, the White Tower is one of the most important historic buildings in the world. It’s part of a World Heritage Site and is an example of Norman Architecture. 

The White Tower also houses the magnificent Royal Armouries collections, including the 300 year old exhibition Line of Kings as well as treasures of the Royal Armouries.

There are arms and armour on display including the magnificent royal armours of Henry VIII, Charles I and James II.  


The White Tower was also used for torture, imprisonment, and execution over the centuries.

Actually, torture was only used in the Tower during the 16th and 17th centuries, and only a fraction of the Tower’s prisoners were tortured. It was never used as a punishment, only a means to get information.

Torture has never been officially permitted under English law. Those who carried out this brutal practice in the Tower acted under the direct orders and authority of the Privy Council and the monarch.RackTowerofLondon

The three main instruments of torture employed at the Tower were the rack, the Scavenger’s Daughter and the manacles.

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