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10 Days on a Bike in Vietnam

So a year long wait and finally we did it!  10 days on motorbikes travelling through Vietnam’s countryside – why the bloody hell not!!!

true friends

That’s the motto of  TRUE FRIENDS EASY RIDER, operating out of Nha Trang, Vietnam. Benny and Bi are the most likeable, funny, crazy, safety-conscious weather professionals you’ll ever meet!

But let’s start at the beginning……………….

We met Benny a year ago whilst visiting Hoi An. Just finishing our lunch at a small restaurant, two guys walked in and asked if they could share our table, and being the sociable couple that we are, of course we said yes and ordered another round of drinks.  It turned out that one of them was Ian from Melbourne on a 15 day bike trip and the other was Benny, his tour guide, and suffice to say that we left the restaurant around dinner time!  After lots of stories from Ian, lots of beer and lots of fun, we made up our minds that afternoon to do a trip ourselves, and we were going to do it with Benny. We felt we made a couple of friends that day, one of them a “True Friend“.IMG_2891

So we came home, told our stories and showed our photos,  and two of our friends decided the bike trip sounded awesome and they were coming!  Now we just had to wait a year to do it! And  it was defiantly worth the wait – it was the most fantastic trip, so much fun, so many laughs, a great experience and a huge amount of memories to treasure forever.

Benny has a great knowledge about his country and loves to share it. He kept in contact over the year to make sure the trip was exactly what we wanted, our theme was history, war and culture and Benny made sure we got all of that with some added crazy bits in between!IMGP0749

We rode part of The Ho Chi Min Trail, leaving Nha Trang and finishing in Hoi An, visiting Da Lat (crazy house), Hamburger Hill, Khe Sanh, Cua Tung Beach Tunnels, Hue, Lak Lake (where we stayed in a traditional long house) and Ban Me Thout (coffee capital of Vietnam).  Sampling Happy Water, Durian fruit, bbq chicken feet and many other things along the way!IMG_4393

Of all the places we went, all the beautiful scenery we saw, the crazy things we (or the guys) did, the most memorable for me was the people. Gentle, kind, timid even, the Vietnamese people are beautiful.  Big smiles and big hearts, so welcoming, open and honest.happy villagers.jpg

If you even have the slightest inclination to do this trip – stop thinking and just DO IT – you won’t regret it, trust me.




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